Facebook Freddi

I’ve recently become addicted to Facebook. It’s great. I’ve managed to get in touch with friends with whom I hadn’t spoken for almost 20 years, and to stay in better contact with others. Another friend of mine is less keen. “I’m really worried about the privacy issues”, she told me. Initially I wasn’t so concerned, but as I got more friends, I have reduced the personal information on my page.

Would I agree to be friends with Facebook Freddi, though? I’d like to think I’d be sensible enough to refuse his offer. Freddi Staur, a green frog, is an invention of internet security firm Sophos. Sophos sent out friend invitations on behalf of Freddi to 200 hundred people. 87 people accepted Freddi’s invite, although they didn’t know Freddi. Seems quite amazing. I guess it’s a reminder for people like me to be careful, not to be friends with just anyone, and not to include too many personal details on the site.


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  1. LDU

    “I’m really worried about the privacy issues.”

    So am I. And that is a reason as to why I haven’t given into this MySpace/Facebook hype thats going. Facebook is ok as it has really good options as to who can view what of your profile and you can exclude/include whoever you want. MySpace lacks this.

    You may end up being ‘friends’ with people from the other side of the globe who you’ve never me and who already know your eye colour, your hair colour, your occupation, your age, your location and many other stuff only your real friends would know.

    All too dodgey for me.

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