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Do blondes have more fun?

A long time ago now, when I lived in Manchester, I saw the players of mighty MUFC on the telly. The players were from all over Europe and beyond, and of many different ethnicities. On the other hand, many of their wives looked very similar. They all looked a bit like Barbie dolls. Mostly blonde, mostly blue eyed, curvaceous, with skinny waists. And then a few years later, I saw a bunch of Australian cricketers wives watching a match. Again, many of the cricket wives looked spookily similar to the soccer wives.

My sister and my mother are blondes. They have often claimed blondes have more fun. To which I snort loudly. But maybe they are right? I found this crazy article (via J.F. Beck) which says that there are evolutionary reasons why men like women who look like Barbie. Women with skinny waists and large breasts are more likely to be fertile. And blondes are likely to be young (unless, of course, they’re bottle-blondes). Finally it is easier to see if someone’s pupil is dilated if they have blue eyes, and thus it is easier to see if they are interested in a person as a potential mate.

I’m tempted to snort loudly again…but then I think of the soccer wives. Those guys were from all different backgrounds and cultures, but they all seemed to have chosen wives which fitted the above stereotype. Maybe there’s something in it?


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