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Legal Eagle gets a gong…

In the Catallaxy Thick Sheik competition! The folks over at catallaxy thought that the best reaction to Sheik Hilaly was to refuse to take him seriously, an approach shared by myself. So skepticlawyer decided to set up a competition. I think it’s a very Australian thing to do. (Aside: although I do get worried about using “Australian” as an adjective – it’s so easy to turn it around and say things are “un-Australian” – I hate that!)

Results here (along with the winning entries if you’d like to check them out). Sublimely Gothic Cowgirl was the overall winner, with a take on the Narnia movie trailer poster – “Chronicles of Hilalia” – “The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe Malfunction”. Extremely well done. Quite Sensible and your very own Legal Eagle were the runners up.

I have been inspired to turn my design into a t-shirt, modelled by yours truly. Bit nervous about putting my post-childbirth t-shirted body on the Internet… I must confess I had to “photoshop” my bosom a bit to get rid of the evidence of a maternity bra. Perhaps I should have used my svelte and gorgeous younger sister as the model? I made her a singlet version. Still, I guess one should not be embarrassed about one’s curves – that’s the message I should be promoting after the Hilaly debacle…

I made up my own label, with a legal theme. I have even worn it out and about once, creating much Hilaly hilarity.


Someone has pointed out that the Greens have already come up with the slogan “So Sue Me” in relation to a sticker (described here) they prepared to protest about the Gunns litigation (proceedings were subsequently discontinued against the Greens). Drat, and I thought I was being soooo original too. I guess the two contexts are sufficiently different that it isn’t a problem.

It would be funny and ironic if the Greens sued me. Or maybe not.


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