Whale rider

My friend RG has sent me this picture of a little boy called Yang Yang swimming with a Beluga whale. They both look pretty happy.

(Via The Age)


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11 responses to “Whale rider

  1. natasha

    That is so cute but discusting freaken ugly picture.get alive

  2. that beluga is pretty sexy

  3. ruri

    pretty cute picture!! wish i can did that!!

  4. Idetrorce

    very interesting, but I don’t agree with you

  5. hii,
    some people are so dumb
    its i wish i can do that, not i wish i can did that
    u stooge!


    by the way, the pics pretty cool 🙂

    byee bitches.

  6. hayy.

    this pic is weird


    its get a life not get alive

    godd you people are stupid!

  7. I think this truly shows the bond that humans and animals can have… i think that this i a beautiful picture and wish that more like this was taken!! I truly wish that I could do something like that… it is amazing….

  8. A Very cool Kid!!!!!!!!

    what idiots u guys are if think it is dumb just say so i think it is a cute picture and if you dont like it to bad u suck and are a fuckin baster or bitch(look up the words if u dont know what it means!!!!!)

  9. A Very cool Kid!!!!!!!!

    coool pic like it veryyyy much!!!!!!!!!!

  10. Perhaps the press in Japan should make this front page news with headline ‘Discovering the magic’.

    It was hard going explaining the news to my 4 year old son on Japanese whaling. I focused on the good people of course who where trying to save them – it was the only way.

  11. beautiful just beautiful!!

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