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Mufti in the news again

Sheikh Hilaly is an idiot! He has again attacked Australia, our values and our history, as well as repeating his vile comments in regard to the Sydney gang rapes, about which I have already written a post. His comments are farcical; sadly it’s not hard to believe that he made them.

I take it all somewhat personally, as I am descended from convicts. I’ve had enough rubbish from that quarter when I lived in the UK. During my time at an English secondary school, one girl was expounding her theory that those with criminal records should be sterilised so that they didn’t pass on their evil genes. Suddenly, half way through her speech, she turned and said “Oh sorry, [Legal Eagle], you’re included because you’re descended from convicts!” I laughed and said, “Here’s the explanation for why I am so disobedient in class…it’s genetic!”

One is tempted to agree with those who say the Mufti shouldn’t come back if he dislikes it so much here. I’m sure there are some Muslims who agree; he does more to harm to the reputation of Muslims in Australia than anyone I know.

Anyway, I have designed the following logo inspired by the Mufti’s catsmeat speech (apologies to Whiskas). I have put it on a t-shirt. If you can’t laugh at such nonsense, you’ll end up crying, so for me the choice is clear!


This picture is certainly not intended to be Islamophobic. Rather it is intended to be “Muftiophobic” – and phobic of any other sexist bastard (man or woman) of any religion who agrees with the Sheikh that women who dress scantily are asking to be raped.

I do not condone Islamophobia, anti-Semitism or any other form of racist generalisation. I take each person as I find him or her, regardless of religion or race.


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