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A little spring cleaning

Well, it’s a New Year, and I thought I’d tart up my blog a bit.

I’ve updated my blog roll (with a whole heap of blogs of many different political stripes). I like to read lots of different opinions, and I’ve come across many thought-provoking blogs in my travels since I started up almost a year ago. Gee, time flies!

I’ve also put a bit more in my profile.

P.S. As I’ve said in a previous post, voting for the 2007 Australian Blog Awards has opened now. Yeah, um, vote for me if you want to. As I’ve confessed previously, I’m not a very good self promoter; hopefully my work speaks for itself!


My blog doesn’t seem to be on the list of blogs you can vote for. 😦

I have left a message asking for this to be updated.


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2007 Australian Blog Awards

Hrh hmm. One faithful and kind reader tells me that she has nominated this humble blog for the Best New Blog Award in the Australian Blog Awards. *Blush!* I am very flattered and pleased. Thank you.

So if you like my stuff, vote 1 LE! Voting apparently runs from around 7 January 2007 until around 25th January 2007.

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