Another reason why I have been a bit distracted lately… after two years of my own little blog, I am moving my blogging services elsewhere.

I have decided to accept an offer to team up with Skepticlawyer (Helen Dale) from Catallaxy, and we are setting up a joint blog, Skepticlawyer. It goes live today! We are both lawyers (obviously) but we have quite different political slants – it just makes for more fun, really – the main thing is that we enjoy each other’s posts.

Henceforth, all my posting will be at Skepticlawyer, so please update your links and feeds.

Check out my new post on legal ethics and clients who confess to crimes. Helen also has an interesting post on whether libertarians and progressives can hammer out a political compromise.


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  1. pete m

    Good luck to both of you in your joint venture.

    Skepticlawyer says she is looking to make a quid out of blogging. Is the new site going to remain free to access and rely on googleads for revenue, or is there a plan for a part subscription service (a la Quadrant etc)?

    ps bub is due for c-section on 11 june. bit funny setting the date of birth in advance, if s/he doesn’t pop out before then!

  2. All free, Pete – and our ads are display ads, not yucky google ads, so we actually do much better in the long run. It’s all explained in the FAQ.

  3. Definitely free to access, and certainly no subscription, click ads or shilling! I would not have agreed to it otherwise.

    There will be some ad headers at the new site – but no need to click on them or even look at them if you don’t want to. There’s no link between what we post and the ads – we are free to say whatever we want (ie, no “shilling”).

    Don’t know exactly how much we’ll get – we’ll have to pay some of the set-up costs – special domain name and header design, website setup etc, etc. I don’t really mind…but some extra cash would be nice while I’m off with new bubba… I’m enough of a capitalist to bite at the prospect. 🙂

    My best friend knew when her baby was coming out too – it’s very strange – I could ring her up the night before and wish her luck! She had diabetes so he was a big, big boy, no way he was coming out naturally. He’s now almost as big and tall as my daughter, even though he’s a year younger, so I suspect he is going to be a tall dark handsome fellow.

    I will be thinking of you on 11 June! Good luck.

  4. Well good luck with it Ladies , but I shall miss watching LE’s blog in WordPress’s Blog Surfer

  5. See, it was fate I decided to visit today.

    I shall make the necessary changes.

  6. Ah, LE, I will miss reading you here.

    So long as you promise to throw in a few personal updates at skepticlawyer (or email them to me!) though, I will be happy. Coffee sometime?

    best of luck,


  7. I’m not changing anything about the way I write or what I write – so it will still be exactly the same, just a different venue.

    I do feel a little bit nostalgic though about leaving the Soapbox…but nothing ventured, nothing gained…

    P.S. definitely coffee – once the little one has recovered from her conjunctivitis – ugh!

  8. LDU

    So you will cease posting at this location?

  9. Yes – but I’ll still be posting at the other blog – exactly what I would have posted here…no change, just a change of venue.

  10. maturestudent

    Goodluck with the new venture. I’ve updated my links and checked out the new site. 1 quick question, after looking around i couldn’t find anywhere to subscribe to email updates as i did here. Is this offered on the new site, and if so, where will find the link?

  11. Not sure, maturestudent – I have consulted our tech guru – I’ll leave it up to him!

  12. Somehow i missed the point. Probably lost in translation 🙂 Anyway … nice blog to visit.

    cheers, Condominium.

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