Ginger kids are human too

My husband has red hair and I used to have hair with a bit of ginger in it, so it was pretty much inevitable that our children would have red hair. Funnily enough all the red went out of my hair when I got pregnant, and it’s never come back. Now I have to dye my eyebrows and eyelashes so that they match my new hair colour. Ain’t hormones weird? I think maybe my daughter stole it. Anyway, before my daughter was born, I bought a whole lot of green gro-suits. “Did you think you were having a boy?” the nurses asked after she was born. “No, I just knew I was having a redhead,” I answered. And she is a redhead. She’ll probably hate it, but I think she’s simply exquisite.

I’ve written before questioning why people have to be so mean to ginger kids. But this is a terrible story. A British family has been hounded out of three homes in Newcastle by thugs who are teasing the children about having red hair. I think the thugs should have their hair and eyebrows dyed red and have to put up with being called “Blue” for a few months. Or “Gingerhaired Pussy Cat” or “Carrots” or “Red Dog” or “Big Red”. And have people presume that they are about to lose their tempers all the time.

Ginger kids are human too. Give ’em a break.


(A picture of the Chapman children, L – R: Kevin, Daniel and Ryelle. Taken from an article in the Daily Mail)


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  1. anon

    LE, I agree!

    I recently started seeing someone with sandy-blonde-reddish hair and my sister takes much joy in telling EVERYONE that her sister is ‘dating a redhead’. Or at least she did, until she remembered that her employer has a child with red hair…

    But I’m not too fussed. I kinda like it.

  2. Some of my favourite people are gingers! My step-cousin has the most beautiful auburn hair and pale skin.

  3. fairlane

    What is their reason for disliking people with red hair? I don’t get it.

    Is it teasing that’s simply out of control, or is there more to it?

    • charlie

      i agree, i am really Ginger and everyone i know takes the mick or beats me up over it.. This is only because i am both irish and scottish.. 😦

  4. rg

    absurd. there has to be either (a) some anciet feud going on between the abusive english descendents and what they perceive to be the red scourge of the scottish/irish, and/or (b) an awful lot more to the behaviour of the family and their neighbours than has been reported.

    poor kids. i don’t understand why people with red hair are attacked in such a manner – what’s the stigma?

    that said, i’m dark there’s no picture with the article; my mind boggles as to how red they actually are!

    • charlie

      also i’d like to add….. If the government think that our country(ies) is/are equal and fair then thats just plain stupid as racism is not resolved but they work on it, then when it comes to being ginger…. you’ve gotta fight all the time and they dont give a damn toss

  5. I suspect there’s something more to the story too… How have this family retaliated to the teasing in the past? But if their hair colour is the only reason? That’s just so wrong. I thought the world had moved on from the belief that red hair was associated with the devil. Perhaps not…

    Some of my favourite people have red-hair, I’ve dyed my hair red in the past and I’m married to a red-head (who tries to claim that he is not.) I asked him whether he’d ever been teased about his hair colour and he honestly couldn’t remember a single time that he was, not even when he was at school. I don’t get the stigma either.

  6. fairlane

    They’re are people who associate red hair with the “devil”? Seriously? Did they warp time and fall backwards about 1500 years?

    People never cease to amaze me. I’ve seen a lot in my short life, but there’s always something new to come along and make me wonder how I got on this planet and when my “real” family is coming to take me home.

    One of my favorite girlfriends ever had red hair. I loved it.


  7. My husband sometimes tries to insist he is not a redhead too. He says, “I’m really blonde, with a little touch of red,” and gets sulky when you disagree with him. He doesn’t fit with the stereotype of the tempestuous redhead – he is very laid back, and accepted the nicknames “Red Dog” and “Gingerhaired Pussy Cat” with equanimity at different times in his life. Our daughter, on the other hand, has a very fiery temper indeed… I wonder where she got that from? Can’t think.

    Wikipedia, that font of knowledge, has an interesting article about red hair.

    It is the rarest hair colour. It is most common in Scotland and Ireland. I’m guessing I’m one of those people with a redhaired gene mixed with brown and blonde, which explains why I used to find red hairs amongst my hair. My cousin (who is Eurasian) has dark brown hair with red through it, which is quite gorgeous, but of course he doesn’t like it.

    In medieval times, some people did think redheaded people had links with the devil. Perhaps some vestiges of that belief still exist today.

    I’m guessing these poor kids did nothing wrong. Kids pick out whatever is “different” and use it to tease.

  8. Did you ever see the South Park episode “Ginger Kids” Hilarious.

  9. 😀 I was actually thinking of exactly that episode when writing this post!

    That’s where I got the idea for the treatment for the bullies… I just hope they don’t go the way that ginger-Cartman did…and decide ginger kids should rule the universe.

    There’s only so much responsibility I can take at the moment, I’m just not up to helping my daughter rule the world. 😉

  10. It’s not red. It’s orange.

  11. My cousin called my hair “sort of lellowy-orange” when he was little.

    My daughter’s hair is copper, with almost a red tint to it. Pretty amazing colour.

  12. Thought you might find this interesting:-


  13. Jakarta Jockey

    One cannot forget to add freckles to the equation – it makes the whole situation a lot worse.

  14. Ginger Kids have no soul’s! its scientifically proven.

    We non-gingers need to unite and eradicate these ginger terrorists before it is too late.

  15. Does being semi-bald qualify me as a “non-ginger” or am I in another category altogether?

    Maybe I could begin discriminating based on scalp color, shape, and shininess.

    Bald spotism.

  16. Googling the term ‘ginger’ with ‘red’ and ‘hair’ your website emediately came up.
    In Breda, the Netherlands, we had a RedHeadDay (RoodHarigenDag) last sept. 2nd. More than 800 ginger women (and a few men) gathered in Breda’s citycentre to have a meeting and find out what it was like to be ‘one-of-many’ in stead of the 1-2% of the entire population.

    The result of last Sunday was broadcasted around NL, and newspapers’ frontpage headline. More photos and information will be placed on but if you take an average newspaper such as the local there’s photoalbums with photos etc. (fotoalbum roodharigen)

    My own project was Red-On-Red (translated directly from the Dutch frase Rood-Op-Rood) which is shown here:
    I hope one day I can do a same series of artwork in UK…

  17. MeRy, I think that’s a great idea. “Ginger power”! I’ll make sure I take my daughter to such events. I’ve lost any red in my hair since having her, so I’m not even faintly ginger any more, but I can be ginger by proxy. And I shall be sure to tell her frequently that she is beautiful, because she is. Her hair is like a new copper coin, it’s just exceptional.

    Love the red on red photos!

  18. frank

    Gingers have no souls and should be persecuted. Just look at the picture on the article Gross!!!

  19. hell yeah they should be hounded out… they have no souls.. i don’t want some soulless monster running around my neighborhood stealing the souls of children in a vain attempt to get one for themselves, its dangerous. Hell my friend was bitten by a ginger kid once, got a serious infection and had to have almost 5 years of therapy to be able to deal with the issue. The whole incident even destroyed his marriage becuase his former wife thought he might hurt their children. Hopefully in the future we will have special government run camps to help deal with this infestation

    • Ginger Kid 09

      no they shouldnt have camps!!
      i dont get y people like you have seroius issues with gingers. you are bullying and insutling all gingers with what u are saying and i for one think you are seriously SICK and you need a serouis life check
      just think if you were ginger and you read your comment or some one said wat u posted image how u would feel how upset people would make you.
      just think about that before you really upset sumone!!!!!

  20. gingers are a plague among man kind

  21. Brainy

    I was surfing the internet, I have read your comments.. guys, whats wrong with you, are you for real, finding red hair different.. i think we gotta start an organization called anti stupidness to eliminate dumb & stupid people from this world so we can live happily.. thank god that i am using my brain…

    “Only two things are infinite, the universe and human stupidity, and I’m not sure about the former.”
    — Albert Einstein….

  22. That’s terrible ! I never heard of redhead people being persecuted. My wife is a redhead.

  23. Steff

    i dont understand why people insult people with red hair. its basicaly like insulting someone because they have brown hair. And the thing about redheads having no souls? are you kidding?!? thats the biggest piece of rubbish i have ever heard in my life. I was born very ginger, but eventually it has faded into a light strawberry blonde colour, and i definately DO have a soul.
    I wish people would just stop insulting people because of their hair, they’re idiots.

  24. Steff, I don’t understand it either. My daughter is the most beautiful girl in the whole world (not that I’m biased) and she has red hair. She definitely has a soul too. It might be a cheeky little soul, but it’s there…

  25. haley

    I kinda like being a ginger. its ok. But, i love my hair. No one has my hair at all. im totally unique!!

  26. I love my daughter’s hair. I’ve never seen anyone else with precisely that shade of copper gold. It’s awesome.

  27. jrick

    ok, i just saw the south park episode, and i just typed in “ginger kid” to see if they were just making it up.

    I had no idea that people with red hair were even referred to as being ginger

    wow, so interesting!

  28. Beck

    All I know is when we are cut we all bleed the same colour, Red!!!

    I was recently made aware of this by my older sister. Whom I might add is a preachers wife & a red head.

    My dear departed aunt was also a red head & probably one of the most spiritual (christian) people I’ve ever known.

    I don’t listen to that sort of trash or give it any credibility!!!! I ask, where are their souls that they would treat another human with such disrespect?

    These folks that chide the red heads have nothing better to do with their time & to be quit frank have a very small mind!!!

    I will turn 48 next week & have found in those years that people who do these sorts of things have a very low self esteem & must try to find something wrong with others to make themselves feel good about themselves. It is sad but proven itself to be true.

    I grew up in the 60’s in the southern part of America & seen just how ugly discrimination was!!!!! A very dark blot on humanity!!!!

    May the teasers ask for forgiveness for trying to bring this sort of brutality back from the dead!!!!!

    My daughter married a red headed Brit & we love him dearly. Would not trade him for anyone else!!!!

    I could go on & on but I think I have made my point.

    What I would like to know is what century are these people living in? Sad we humans will do things to one another that animals would never dream of doing to each other!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I am a brunette with hints of red. I know where my soul is & it’s right with God!!!!!!!!! Again where is the souls of those who tease & discriminate? Remember we are to love our neighbors as ourselves!!!!!!! One of the Lords greatest commands!!!!!!!!!

  29. warren

    Dear Beck,

    Did you know 80% of gingers dont even relise they have no soul, maybe you should leave the praying to us non-gingers now shouldnt you?

    To all the non-gingers out there, there are also some handy tips on how to treat a ginger bite etc, maybe be worth a look just in case.

    ; )

  30. becki

    hi i have ginger hair and was teased when i was younger and now i have 3 beautiful children with red hair and i dont want them to be teased aswell. it is stupid that people are so low that they have to tease some one for being a red head i think it is the most beautiful colour hair and dont think anyone has the right to tease anyone about it

  31. RedPower

    RED POWER!!!!

  32. Amber

    I am a ginger and it don’t bother me. Most of my friends call me Ginger. I even got a shirt that says Ginger, wen people call me it I dont get mad. I think its funny. Yah gingers shouldnt get picked on but let it go evry1 is gunna tlk so let them. I love being a Ginger and so should all the other Gingers.

  33. bigsteve

    my girlfriend is a ginger and i love the red hair. the only thing i dont like about gingers is the devil blue eyes. kinda scary but i love gingers. go gingers

  34. You Guys Who Think Redheads Have “No Souls” Are Seriously Sad. I Am Proud To Say I’m Ginger. And Before Any Of You Older People Have Diss Me, I’d Seriously Think About What You’re Saying As You Have No Idea What Redheads Are Like.I’ve Been A Redhead For 16 Years Now. It Makes No Difference To How We Behave Or Any Of The Crap Some Of You Lot Go On About. You Older People Make Me Laugh At How Pathetic You Are. You’re Probably In Your 20’s & 30’s & To Me, You’re Really Immature About The Way You Go About This Whole “Ginger” Business. Its Not The Gingers Who Dye Their Hair All The Time & Who Have The Boring Hair Colours. Get Your Facts Right Guys. Seriously.

  35. mike

    I don’t think that ginger kids are human. I have a girl in my school who is a ginger and she is a psycho. She believes that she can take people’s souls by looking at them. No one makes fun of her because she is insane. So obviously gingers are not normal.

  36. E. CARTMAN

    AH SICK! Children with red hair, light skin, and freckles. We’ve all seen them. On the playground, at the store, walking on the streets. They creep us out, and make us sick to our stomachs. I’m talking, of course, about Ginger kids. This disease is called “Gingervitis”. Kids who have Gingervitis cannot be cured.

  37. Omar

    Anytime someone is different from the perceived ‘norm’ it makes them a target for this kind of thing. Its a sad commentary on our society. In this case it seems really stupid since I always had a thing for redheads lol But seriously, I feel bad for these kids….and I do wish they’d teach those other kids a lesson somehow.

  38. Scott

    I just want to say that being a Ginger is great. You have the rarest hair color in the world..idk bout you guys but that makes me feel pretty unique.sure,you get made fun of a lot but people always need to make fun of some1 different just because somethings wrong with them.

  39. Farty

    its also been shown recently that the recessive ginger genes are essentially an evolutionary dead end and in a matter of a dozen generations or so there may well be no more gingers in the world at all. .

    heheh. I’ve been telling them that for years but its nice to have it validated by scientific journals.

    the other thing about gingers of course is their retarded use of the caps lock button.

  40. I bet you guys are all a bunch of gingers and day walkers go to this website to find out the truth

  41. Redhead

    I have red hair and it really bothers me when i am at school and some people make fun of me just because i have RED HAIR!
    They call me ginger kid and freckles, and I am a MODEL!
    Like I don’t understand why they think people with red hair are sooo different?

    As far as I know they can screw off!!

  42. curellasays

    ridiculous! i wish i was born with red hair! so much i dyed my hair ginger! x

  43. Rook

    Surprisingly enough, people disagree with ME when I say I have red hair, and I get more insulted when they call it ‘strawberry blond’… I mean honestly, it’s my own hair, I think I have a right to name the color!

    Although I will agree that I get quite a bit of teasing, namely the work Ginger comes up, and I hate to say it, but I don’t remember I single day I was called Ginger until that one South Park episode came up. I know it’s a word in the UK, so maybe the episode just gave the US a new slang word for redheads.

    And for people who think Ginger kids are odd or messed up, think of it this way, wouldn’t you be insane too if everywhere you went people thought it was funny to bully you for something as stupid as hair?! It’s your own fault and you think we’re weird for it… seriously pathetic.

  44. Mojo Ginger jojo

    I have nice copper coloured hair. I have done for years all my mates call me ginger rusty nuts,, wateva. Im scottish and it goes with my heritage, that and the fact I get soo much attention from prats like you lot saying I have no Soul.. Oh dear you sad sad people. Im 19 and yes im telling you to grow up. I got no soul dude you have no brain.

    March 14, 2008 at 11:03 pm yes im talkin to you pal.. your a real special one aint ya? My GF is a hot red head that has every guy in a club wishin they were me. People take the piss out of me for it but lets face it you seriously think im bothered? Hell I hope we have ginger kids cause they would be red hot.. (xcuse the pun)

  45. Mike

    Gingers with no soul? Britain really is going downhill if we have such gullibale people that believe that crap. If you have been taken in by this then you have been taken in by this tribal prejudice then you should realise, if everyone else was ginger and you were considered odd then remember, if there are more people like you, prepare to die. Treat your Brother as you wish to treated. If you are against ginger people then you are an incredibly sad individual. Ginger people share the same amount of
    DNA as us, it’s not defect. It’s an adaptation, the light skin allows them to produce lots of Viatamin D whilst the tanned person can’t. Prehistoric Gingers would have thrived in places with little sun light.
    If you really are against ginger people, dye your hair ginger and try being ginger for a week. See how you like it. I can assure that if you hate Gingers YOU have no soul.

  46. Sammy J

    You guys are taking these anti-ginger comments way, way too seriously.

  47. Evelyn

    No, they’re not.
    This ridiculous persecution of redheads will never end.
    If you read the article mentioned earlier, you’d see that one of the children attempted suicide. He tried to end his life because of similar ‘anti-ginger comments’. Driving people to suicide is pretty serious.

  48. Ginger

    I have ginger hair and i LOVE it 🙂
    If people take the mick i just laugh along and sometimes join in because i love my hair and everyone elso knows i do 🙂
    I think all people with ginger hair should have a more positive attitude. Like me 😀

  49. Michael

    I think redheads are inherently superior to the non-redheads. Think about it from the standpoint of survival in the Old Days before we were quite human. Dark hair and dark skin can hide very well in high grass. So can blonde hair, if the blonde is careful how they move. But red hair and light skin stands out; in order to pass on the genes, redheads have to be faster, smarter, and luckier.

  50. asdasd

    Gingers are socially awkward. Nuff said.

  51. Hilary

    To everyone who is saying that people who believe the “no-soul” thing is real are gullible… CHILL OUT!
    It’s a joke. Everyone understands it’s a joke.
    I AM a ginger (well.. more of a coppery-red-gold, but still…) I refer to myself as one, and make jokes about it, but when it comes down to it, I love my hair.
    It’s a joke. Learn how to take one. Jeez.



  53. red12

    Are you kidding me? I do have (shocking) natural red hair and I love it. I hate when people even say the word ‘ginger’ because in the past year since the South Park episode aired I have been teased to such an extent that I’ve dyed my hair a drab brown so I won’t encounter the bullying. It was so bad at a point that my ‘best friends’ made fun of me constantly for having no soul. How does it feel to be deeply religious and be told you have no soul every day? It feels depressing. So if you’re against redheads, keep it to yourself because I know when you go too far with it, it’s definitely not funny to us anymore. And also, I know it’s supposed to be a joke, but trying to commint suicide isn’t, so think about that next time you want to mention something about ‘gingers’.

  54. jimbob

    oh my f*cking god some of these people are complete idiots saying ‘i didn’t know that these kids are victomised’ are you deff, did you ever go to school??? i bet back in your day you would of payed out a few for what a cheap fucking laugh and now your all grown up and cant remember a thing well the person who you pick on remembers it for life ok?!? just imagine being stereotyped for i donno maybe having different hair. it makes absolutley no sence, i believe that it should be called raceism for thats how they are treated, ‘hahaha raceism’ as my mother would reply to me i know that back in high school she picked on kids ,and for that think shes a bitch, make your self feel better by pointing others incecurities. why should anyone have to go through that for a difference in hair colour just treat others how you would liked to be treated!!! as s.i.m.p.l.e as that!

  55. Anna

    I am a redhead. The news that I have no soul is new to me. Maybe I should go bite someone or steal a child’s. Some of you are sick.

    But thanks to all the people who like us. 😀

  56. this is rediculous

    you ppl are crazy. i used to have redhair and a little freckles… but they went away. now i have strawberry blonde hair, and i get very tan in the summer! i dont get how people call kids gingers when they have many insecurities about themselves! i am one of the most popular kids in my school and ive never realized how mean people are about redheads until ive heard the word ginger. and now theyre all over facebook bumper stickers! i think its rediculous… and not all redheads are classified as “gingers/” well i like my hair so everyone elsee it doesnt matter what they think! screweww it

  57. TheMarmot

    Ginger kids have no soul!

    ….in the other hand, I’m an atheist, and I don’t think that someone can have something as a sole… is the same for me. 😛

    But seriously, isn’t the “red haired race” (don’t know how to call it) originated from Great Britain?

    I can’t believe that they have racism against their own race….that’s just….plain stupid.

    I have never seen that in my country, and I thing that red hair is reaaaaally cool.

  58. martin

    seriously , people like E. CARTMAN who commented earlier… I know it comes from southpark but , if I could I would take a baseball bat and remake there faces. im not ginger but I feel sympathy … why should they be treated different .. I would say that people who can say that others dont have souls are the soul less …Even if it’s a joke I cannot see the fun in it … So just Stop for fuck sake .!

  59. Kelly

    The fact this discussion is even taking place should be a huge reality check against the intelligence and ignorance of the world.

    To me the comments coming out of these “ginger-haters” mouths are 100% equal to the types of racist remarks one might have heard coming from a bigot in the segregated US south of past years. They didn’t have facebook or online forums to spread their hate in those days but if they did have those things I’m sure there would have been some racist group called “Black People – How to keep your family safe from them” Quite rightly this is RIDICULOUS, IGNORANT and UNACCEPTABLE…even if it’s meant as a joke.

    I’m an extremely laid back person and it takes alot to upset me but this topic really irks me….

  60. The Truth

    You would not believe the harm such abuse causes. In Britain redheads are mocked openly by racists on tv and radio all the time.

  61. Lucy

    I agree! I am redheaded and jr.high kids aren’t too nice about it. they scream ginger at me and i’m like…uhh my names Lucy not ginger so stop. Personally i think red hair is gorgeous. Others are jealous and racist!

  62. Gingers R Cool

    That is really rude how you treat ppl differently by how they look. If you were making fun of someone, put yourself in their shoes and see how it feel to be laughed at. I am also a ginger and that south park episode just about made me cry by how differently we get treated. Gingers are still normal people and you bullies have to deal with that.

  63. mollie

    im only 1o and every school iv been to iv been made fun of gingers are peopel to just with diffrent hair i wish it dint happen some people are sick and evil and sad thats why thay do it but im not standing for it any more speak to one of us you speak to all of us
    but thankyou if you understand that gingers rock on

    • Flann

      I’m 14 now, and at your age, I dealt with a lot bullying in my school. It’s tough to be the only kid with red hair in an entire school as I was. I started lifting weights because of it, and now I am intimidating, and I get teased a lot less. People are always going to point out your differences, and you just have to rise above it.

  64. ginger 10

    gingers rock all gingers are great the otheres need to rethink there comments about gingers coz they ROCK ON

  65. SmartK8

    I hate that everyone seems to know that it’s wrong but still there’s majority who hates us, tolerates or at least quietly sides with the haters. My childhood was a hell because of my red hair; I was almost driven to commit the suicide myself. I got some friends back then but two of them later on told me that one of them thought that red hair people are ALL nervous, verbally aggressive and obnoxious (well I was much like that because I was bullied around all the time and thus defensive to the maximal point and always expecting troubles and injustice; even my parent weren’t able to protect me all the time). The second one thought (when we’re just kids) I was just plain weird because I was pale and never spending much time on the direct sun. I always wore a t-shirt when I was swimming to avoid the sun-burns; I also do it infrequently so he thought I was not washing myself (absurd) thus that I stink (yeah it takes a kid to make a stretch like this). It was a blow from my best friends (at age about twenty) to hear that they thought it about me for such a long time. Because it explained all those weird notions and situations about them behaving towards me in the past. ANYWAY. Now I’m happy being red headed and guys are just crazy for me and my hair (hehe) and find me pretty attractive. Probably because they think that it means I’m more energic and impulsive (as I know guys.. probably in a sexual way) which is ironically also a false belief as I grown to be a calm person and I was lucky to get myself out of that psychological hell of my childhood. Now I’m strengthened by that but I still remember it. BUT if I was about to see some child bullying a one with red hair I believe I’d lose it anyway (in all the other bully cases I’d just try to protect that kid) because that pointless injustice is still so deep inside of me. So my resume is that redheaded people are not behaving because they’re readheaded but because you treat them differently with disrespect or bully (those lucky kids who aren’t excluded) so they’re used to fight for they space in life all the time. Don’t know if you understand but anyway..

  66. Lorna Reavey

    For goodness sake leave gingers alone what have they ever done to you! My brother is ginger and he said he wanted to change his pasty white skin to black (the reverse of michael jackson) but still leave his ginger freckles, kind of genius i think.


  67. yan-ryu

    Essex, uk, has to be the Gingerist place I know! I’am 26, and thought childhood teasing was long behind me…yet just the other day a young kid started hurling abuse at me, calling me a “GINGER C**T”, just for walking down the street! 5 years ago, i was standing at a busy bus stop when two10 yr old boys started throwing conkers, AT MY HEAD, calling me “ginger rat”. No one intervened. Would that be the case if I were black and being called n****r? Probably not, as being racist is socially unacceptable! For some reason the majority of people think its “Ok” to tease ginger people, and this was in a poll!! I happen to LOVE my auburn hair and so does my husband! I just wish that someone would help us and make a stand as we need protecting too!

  68. clowny

    The whole ginger thing started off as a joke and yet i still hear stories of such annoying people being ignorrent and abusive to ginger’s. Such instance’s are quite sad but the world has many ignorent people in it that quickly want to have power (in numbers of course) so these people pick on other people because they are different. Sound a bit familiar though? (racism?) either way if it was just a joke or something i could understad because i am 17 and me and my friends joke with each other in many ways. Although if this is people actually making others move than it has gone way to far.

  69. Alex

    This is just stupid, why are we commenting on something this utterly retarded? What has the world come to if we’re actually talking about ginger kids in a way to be politically correct or something, there’s blonde jokes aswell, you dont see them posting on the internet complaining.

    And i find it so funny how you put “ginger kids are human too,” as though some people might thing they werent.

    Ok im being a bit vague, what im trying to say that you made a stupid post complaining about stupid things that will not affect your childrens or your life whatsoever. It’s like me posting saying people make fun of me because my house is painted blue or my socks dont match.

  70. T.

    Look, I’m ginger (freckles and all) that south park episode made me freaking cry at how they were treated. It may have just been a joke but never before that had I been made fun of. I think the writer needs to be sued and the episode should be banned from the internet and tv. It’s hurtful. And you know, since that episode aired and people started making fun of us, I’m sure there’s been twice as many suicides as normal. You talk about 16% committing suicide, this is why! YOU are the reason. All of you haters need to burn in Hell. And if I don’t have I soul, I have nothing to trade to the devil, you, on the other hand, you do.

  71. Flann

    I’m a teenager and I happen to have a firey temper, not because of my hair, that just the way I am. I am very Irish, and any time someone calls me ginger, I want to break their nose. I get into a lot of fights. I always get angry when the word is even mentioned.

  72. I am a ginger woman, and I do not want to remember my childhood, because as i can remember, in kindergarten, then at school i suffered from violence (psycological and even physical). Thanks for the artical. That problem really exists, and no one can understand who wasn’t in others’ shoes. Since your early years you know, that you different, kind of strange… Violence because of color of hair, skin, race, etc. is really destroying for personality.

  73. Red and Proud

    I am a so called “Ginger”. I have a son who is as well. Have I been teased? Yes. Was it really traumatic? No.

    However, if someone wants to file a class action lawsuit on my behalf, I’d be happy to share in the settlement. 🙂 Maybe we can get Minority Status so we can get extra consideration for employment and the like. 🙂

    Now I will go back to planning planning World Conquest with my soul-less, Devil Worshipping Brethren. If only I could control my mindless temper long enough!

  74. chris

    People with red hair…
    If people want to call you names, let them…
    We should be flattered that we get so much attention paid to us simply because of the color of our hair!!
    I can’t see many other people who stand out and get noticed naturally.
    If you get called names, take it as a compliment, these people are clearly taking note of you, laugh it off and if anything…agree!!

    I was called names at school, but now no-one really cares, it all just depends on how you take the comments. It takes alot to just accept them, but seriously, if handled right, people begin to respect you and the problem usually resolves itself…after a while (approx 2 months)

    I know because this is what happened to me in each of the 4 schools I went to as a child…

    good luck all red heads out there!!

  75. redevolution

    Im a 12 year old ginger girl and also tall=target.ginger is a colour not a personality flaw like you bullies obviously have.My hairdresser won’t dye my hair because she says its too nice and im not gunna be cocky and agree but there is nothing at all wrong with it FULL STOP.South park is for wierd,cruel,boring people that have no life.To all those ginger people who have been bullied,self harm,assaulted you are perfectly normal,lovely people ,don’t let anybody get to you and anybody that make hurtful comments just blank they are the ones with the problem,not you. Don’t be dissapointed if you love somebody and they brake your heart because your ginger-they are not good enough for you! much love and appreciation for those who deserve it! xx

  76. ???????????????????/

    im am ginger my self and get bulied because because of it but i don’t see why people are so harch to us and think we are so diffrent and were aliens because we are ginger.
    why do some people juge us by who we look. i am resently changing school and by brother gor ribd and i think i am too but im going to stand up for my self. to be honest i love the colour but hate the culs but they are growing on me.


  77. jordann.

    im ginger &it doesnt bother me. my friends call me ginge &that doesnt bother me either. when people think its abusive to call me ginger it makes me laugh.. its just like yeah well noticed.

  78. Stuey

    Can i just point something out that people haven’t even commented on yet, and is actually a scientific fact. Ginger people have extremely fair skin, and consequently absorb a extensively larger amount of UV rays from the sun compared to our darker haired/darker skinned counterparts. This ultimately results in a greater production in the quantity of naturally occuring Vitamin D in the system. Vitamin D is utilised in the body to manufacture calcium and in turn produce stronger bones. I havn’t got ginger hair per se, but i do have freckles and and sandy blonde hair and eyebrows and therefore must have the ginger gene. I have fallen off my bike on the road more times than i can mention and every time i have landed on me arms. NOT ONCE have i broken a bone. To date i have only slightly broken a metacarpal in my hand in a boxing match, but that is a common injury with boxers and is actually called a ‘boxers fracture’, and believe it or not i didnt even get it put in plaster nor did i even go to A+E / ER. But the fact that i am part of the carmine race means the bones healed like a mofo! The point i am trying to get across is, we might have different hair and we might have freckles (which incidently i find particularly unsightly im afraid) but when WE fall down, we dont break as easy, IF AT ALL! This being the facts, how the f*** can this be called a recessive gene! If anything we have a major bonus. Heres a short story: a friend of my brothers was working out in a gym, he like was a bodybuilder. Was. One day he was doing inclined dumbell presses and halfway through a set OOOOOoohhh low and behooold, his upper arm bone broke, completely split sticking through his arm, ending his bodybuilding career. This was a one in a hundred accident BUT, had he have had the so called ‘recessive’ ginger gene this would NOT, repeat NOT have happened. The moral of the story? We might be pasty faced ugly freckley freaks, but we’re f***ing harder than you lot of weak boned weasels. NOW who’s recessive? PS: ginger girls arent sexy? Two words: Nicole Kidman. Butt like a peach and sexy as fook. I rest my case.

    • Lindsey

      Having a recessive gene has nothing to do with a personality quality, it just means that if a child exhibits certain traits that the parents don’t, the parents must both be carriers.

  79. 111111

    i’m a 14 year old redhead and people at my school always make jokes about us all the time. It gets worse and worse every year. I used to ignore it..but it doesn’t stop and i just don’t understand why people do it.

  80. Emaleigh

    I don’t get it either!!! This is news to me because I’ve never been made fun of for my red hair…..In fact, people often compliment me and my family on our red hair. But maybe that’s because where I live, there are a lot of hispanic people, and they really like red hair and many of them are compelled to touch it based on beliefs, etc. I don’t mind it at all, because it’s just a belief. Besides, there are better things to worry about. Anyway, back to my initial point, my whole family has red hair….me, my two sisters, mom, dad, grandma, my aunt and cousin, lots of us! And we’ve never been made fun of, not once! We’re constantly getting compliments about our hair, how beautiful it is, etc. And I personally find gingers quite attractive. I guess I’ve just been living in this non-prejudiced bubble, where red hair is almost worshiped (even by white people, not just hispanic people), that I didn’t realize that my fellow gingers were being abused. 😥 To my fellow gingers, don’t ever be ashamed of your hair color (again, there are better things to worry about, for one thing). Some people just need to bring others down to bring themselves up, and they’ll find any group of people to make fun of, even people who have a different hair color than them. I mean really, think about how stupid it would be if people started making fun of people with blue eyes, or with curly hair, or anything! It would be so stupid, just like it’s stupid to make fun of gingers, and just like it’s stupid to make fun of any group of people for anything! So don’t be ashamed, be proud! You are beautiful, and (sadly) the people who make fun of you are the people with the real problems. Besides, we are going extinct, so that’s even more of a reason that we need to be loud and proud! Go gingers!

    P.S. March 21st is National (U.S.) Hug a Red Head Day! And then there’s….

    …Readheadday: A festival held the first weekend of September in Breda, the Netherlands to celebrate red heads and the color red in general! Gingers from 20 different countries attend yearly and best of all, it’s free! Just gotta have the money to get there! My ginger family has promised me that we’ll go one of these days as a family, but until then we’re livin’ ginger proud! 😀

  81. Lindsey

    This is terrible. In America it’s not such a big deal, not that I’ve noticed anyway. I never heard of kids being teased like that when I was in elementary school (I’m 18 now) so if it has come over here it is relatively recent.

  82. taylor

    oh, you make me laugh. you people are just stupid, haha. i just so happen to be a redhead, and love it to an extreme. sure as a kid i hear the jokes, but guys i know go wild for my wavy red hair. it’s a sex symbol. maybe i’m extra blessed, i’m half colombian, so i have a bit of a tan and my hair is even wilder. trust me, redhead girls are hot. can’t say no to it 😉

  83. Maryanne

    Southpark is a satire and if people take it literally then they are stupid. Red hair is a recessive trait which means that your parents don’t even have to have red hair for your children to inherit it. I know many people without red hair who have red-haired children. There is no way red-hair is dying out. It’s here to stay. YOU may even carry the gene and not know. As for red-headed people not having souls- what a soul-less comment. I mean: “hello”! Some grey matter obviously lacking there. The world is catching on quickly and soon there will be anti-discrimination laws against this kind of vilification. It’s just a matter of time. Persecution of ANY kind, whether it be on the grounds of race, disability, religion, gender, sexual preference etc should not be tolerated. You don’t hear people making such derogatory comments towards people with black skin or Asian heritage. It’s discrimination and nothing less.

  84. It’s actually not the red heads that get the majority of the grief it’s us greying ladies that really copp it. As a brunette (with a reddish tinge) I dye it of course every 3-4 weeks but with 1 inch regrowth per month, yes there will be some greys visable at some point. Any need to mention it to a lady in her 30’s? The answer is no, do yourself a favour and don’t even think about it or you will dig yourself a huge hole…

  85. why hasn’t my comment appeared?

  86. Jenny I don’t use this blog any more.

    I now blog at

    About once every 6 months I come through and go through the comments.

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