A little spring cleaning

Well, it’s a New Year, and I thought I’d tart up my blog a bit.

I’ve updated my blog roll (with a whole heap of blogs of many different political stripes). I like to read lots of different opinions, and I’ve come across many thought-provoking blogs in my travels since I started up almost a year ago. Gee, time flies!

I’ve also put a bit more in my profile.

P.S. As I’ve said in a previous post, voting for the 2007 Australian Blog Awards has opened now. Yeah, um, vote for me if you want to. As I’ve confessed previously, I’m not a very good self promoter; hopefully my work speaks for itself!


My blog doesn’t seem to be on the list of blogs you can vote for. 😦

I have left a message asking for this to be updated.



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4 responses to “A little spring cleaning

  1. skepticlawyer

    JF Beck drew my attention to your blog – I’m about to hop back home and add you to the Catallaxy blogroll. Some excellent stuff here (and I’m not just saying that cos I’m a lawyer too).

  2. Legal Eagle

    Awesome! Thank you.

  3. Anonymous

    Hey i think its great down to earth and good people language,easy to read.

    Keep it up


  4. missv

    I don’t think the 2007 nominations have been listed yet (they seem to be a bit disorganised), I think you might have stumbled on the 2006 list.

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