Jah on their side…

This article about the collapse of a legal trial against some Rastafarians cracks me up.

Apparently the five Rastas had been charged with cannabis dealing, and the trial had been running for two weeks when one of the police officers recognised a paralegal from the defence team for one of the defendants. The paralegal was said to have telephoned the police and complained about alleged drug running at the Rastafarian temple, although she denied this. What were the chances of that?

The trial descended into chaos, and the prosecution decided not to tender any further evidence. The judge decided that the defendants should be acquitted.

(Hat tip to Dave Bath at Balneus)


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4 responses to “Jah on their side…

  1. Who says lawyers aren’t into a bit of ‘make work’ on the side…

  2. pete m

    Bit like glass repairers paying kids to throw stones … (allegedly!)

  3. marcellous

    This all seems overkill for a bit of cannabis dealing.

    It is obviously all part of a longer and more complex story. See, eg:


  4. Hmm, interesting story, Marcellous! That was my first thought too: why such a big fuss?

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