Now I’m really disturbed

Someone found my blog via a google search for “whale penis”. I didn’t even know that I had used that second word in this blog! I know I used the word “whale” in a post featuring a picture of a little boy swimming with a whale.

I don’t even dare think why someone might be searching for that particular term. There’s some sick puppies out there.


I actually did use the word “penis” once on this blog, when discussing social mores with regard to dress (or lack of dress). The extremes were Afghan women wearing burqas to New Guinea highlanders wearing only penis gourds. Obviously this is what the search picked up.

Anyway, a friend has suggested that perhaps the searcher was a connisseur of Chinese penis cuisine, described in this article here (I’d actually seen this article before via a link on J.F. Beck’s site). Ugh. Quite revolting. I’ve eaten fried bettle before in Cambodia, but I draw the line at eating schlongs.


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8 responses to “Now I’m really disturbed

  1. It’s probably a sought-after delicacy in Japan. 😉

  2. That was one of my suspicions…or some kind of exotic medicine?

  3. Megan

    It was probably Skogg!

  4. Maybe it’s a worried Greenpeace type about to go on a southern voyage. Dolphins have been known to attempt “unwelcome advances” with handlers before.

  5. Oh dear Dave – my husband has always been convinced that dolphins are not the cute cuddly things people think they are…this just confirms it.

  6. LE: It’s not just individual dolphins. See references in "Alliance Strategies in Bottlenose Dolphins". It’s essentially much aggravated gang rape.

    As with the great apes (e.g. genocide by chimps): the capacity for altruism and criminality are correlated by species.

  7. Perhaps one can only be cruel if one has the capacity to be kind and empathise in the first place…

  8. My guess is that it was a search with out” ” around the words so it picked up your use of the word whale.

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