You can tell I’m busy when…

I can’t even find the time to write blog posts! I have received a number of queries asking where I am, whether I’m OK and indeed, whether I’m still alive. Yes, I’m OK and still living and breathing.

Shortly, I am buried under marking. I’m 40% of the way there. I hope to be at least 50% of the way there by the end of the weekend. I really hate marking.

Apart from that, I have also just started assisting law students whose second language is English (a girl has to find some source of income over the summer break) and doing research assistant work. Sigh! No rest for the wicked. And I’m still supposed to be doing PhD… Hopefully things will slow down after Xmas.

I assure you that I am percolating a number of posts. Just to remind myself for when I get around to it:

1. Transit lanes on the freeway (mutter, mutter)

2. Putting the baby in creche for the first time (traumatic for both myself and the bubba)

3. Are the interests of unions and of businesses really so different? (yes, inspired by that Union = Anti-Business campaign) I know both like to see themselves as antithetically opposed, but I’m not so sure.

4. Can you believe the Christmas decos are out again?

Oh yeah, in breaking legal news, Pants Man’s contract as a Judge has not been renewed. Who woulda thunk it?


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5 responses to “You can tell I’m busy when…

  1. You still live! And pants man is gone! Doubleplus unbad!

  2. Heya, wanna know bout creche- we’ve just landed child care and bear will be in come January. Terrified. Mind you I’m always terrified.

  3. pete m

    We rely on our grand parents instead of chreches. But I would likewise dread it having to pay someone, a stranger, to parent my child for when I cannot.

    Needs must, but it doesn’t make it feel any better.

    hehe I was interested in being a tutor – do tutors have to help mark?

  4. Pete, I think a tutor would have to mark 😦

    Of course, the upsides of lecturing/tutoring are flexibility, and I find it enjoyable to teach (fortunately).

    ‘Gnac, I’m going to write that post today. I’m always terrified too. When I was pregnant, my midwife asked me how I was, and I said “worried about my baby, when does that end?” – she laughed and said “welcome to motherhood, my ‘baby’ is 27 and I still worry about him”.

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