Animal meme

An interesting animal I had

Really it would be an interesting animal owned by my family. There was Blinky the daredevil silken haired hamster, who liked to hang off the top of her cage and drop off. She was psycho.

Then of course there’s the family dog, an insane but loving Jack Russell who lives with my parents. My daughter has taken to chasing him. Despite his usually insane attitude, he takes this very well, and just puts his ears back, and gives me a look which says, “See how much I love you? See how nicely I’m putting up with this strange little creature?”

An interesting animal I ate

A stir-fried beetle in Cambodia. It wasn’t actually the worst thing I’ve ever eaten. Sort of like a crunchy peanut if you tried not to think about it.

The worst thing I have eaten is raw sea urchin (uni) in Japan. Yuk. Don’t do it.

An interesting thing I did with or to an animal

Um, I fed flake to my goldfish, making him a cannibal of sorts. And I tried out all sorts of food with that crazy hamster named above. She really liked crab.

An interesting animal at the museum

I was always fascinated with the stuffed Phar Lap at the Melbourne Museum. Phar Lap, for non-Australians, is a famous race horse who won many races before dying in suspicious circumstances in the US. He was huge. That’s what fascinated me.

An interesting animal in its natural habitat

Just about every animal is interesting in its natural habitat as far as I am concerned. Even spiders.

Once there was a golden orb weaver outside our kitchen window, and it was fascinating to watch her weave her web. Apparently these kind of orb weavers have the strongest silk of any spiders in the world.

And once I saw a wombat in the snow at Mt Buller. It was walking down a ski run in a perfectly unconcerned way, but I was concerned someone might run into it accidentally, not expecting to see a wombat in the snow. I stood in front of it and shielded it from skiiers until it went off the run.

Now I have to think of people to tag. Hmm. I tag Lad Litter (he always has interesting stories to tell), Jim Belshaw (likewise), the Blonde Canadian and Cherry Ripe.


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  1. I can see your family dog’s face. I’ve made brief mention of anthropomorphism (the ascribing of human reasons for animal behaviours) in my response to your tag and think it’s an interesting issue in writing about animals. I wonder what our pets are really thinking when we claim we’re reading their facial expressions.

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