15 minutes of fame

In the future, everyone will be world-famous for 15 minutes.” (Andy Warhol)

Seems like it’s my turn to have 15 minutes of fame. On Sunday, The Age had an article about legal blogs, featuring a quote from yours truly at the end. The hard copy is even better because it has a picture of the banner from the blog (with the awesome eagle picture which Iain found for me). I’ll scan it in and put it on the blog when we get set up in the new house.

Moving day is tomorrow. Telstra cut our internet off a week early, hence my lack of blogging, commenting or anything else. I’m typing this before class starts…zounds, better get to class!



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10 responses to “15 minutes of fame

  1. Yay, well done, LE!

    Has traffic increased much since then? Good luck with the move, too.

  2. it’s a bit of a thrill, the old 15 mins isn’t it!? i hope you enjoyed it as much as me!

  3. Hee hee, I think I probably am, Trixie! Most pleased to see you made it too.

    I didn’t even realise until a friend rang me saying, “You’re Legal Eagle, aren’t you? You’re in the paper.”

  4. I’ve got an eagle pic of my own. And by they way, you are tagged!

  5. Good to see that you have been noticed LE and I’m chuffed that the picture I found for you works so well.
    When It comes to moving I reckon that as you are finally getting into home ownership (now that is a topical subject) you may find that it is a bit like having a baby, stressful, exciting and a bit painful but you will feel a lot better when the initial event is over.

  6. pete m


    But I count it as 2 minutes, so can count on another 13 minutes in the future. 🙂

    Unpacking into your own house is not a duty or hard, but pure joy. Enjoy. We were unpacked inside 3 hours, with just storage boxes to assign. Good stuff!

  7. Good luck with the move and put in an application for am extension on your 15 minutes.

  8. Ty all. We’re getting there with the unpacking – moving from a large place to a small place, so I think we’ll have to do some downsizing. It’s amazing how much stuff you can accumulate in a few years! But the new house is lovely.

  9. It’s amazing how much stuff you can accumulate in a few years

    I have always believed that the amount of junk expands to fill the available space. 😉
    But my bet is that once you get yourself unpacked and organised that you will find that most of the stuff will fit after all.

  10. On moving from big to small spaces: I recommend getting a shed asap. We got one second hand from the tip shop. And we got an old caravan via eBay. And we sold stuff and gave it away…and now the space is manageable!

    And on taking on a mortgage – Iain you’re absolutely right, and it leaves you unexpectedly impoverished for a few years as well! So very much like a baby!

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