Home sweet home

It looks like we’ve got ourselves a house! It’s not large or luxurious – no en suites, pools or spa baths. But I don’t care – it’s ours. I feel so much better. Just knowing that we have some certainty is great. It means I can start putting our daughter down for local kinders when she turns two, and have a look at the local primary school.

I am really looking forward to having a place where we can do stuff to it – put paintings up where we want, paint the walls the colours we like (present place has grey walls, yuck) and put in a vegie garden. We tried to make a vegie garden at our current place, but as there are a lot of pine trees, it never worked very well, although we did get some small potatoes once.

We’ll have to scrimp and save for a bit, I think, but it’s worth it. So much happier! Sorry for being a bit of a snark for the last month or two.



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7 responses to “Home sweet home

  1. Goodoh, LE. I’m a property aficionado from way back, and hated renting… mainly because I couldn’t have a dog.

  2. That’s great, LE. You will be much happier.

  3. SL, yes, the no dog limitation on renting is a major drawback! All that is hopefully a thing of the past now…

  4. LDU

    Hey LE,

    Congrats on your new house.

  5. Good one LE!!!
    The day we got the keys to our own hose was one of our best and despite being a slave to the mortgage you will not look back from here!
    Perhaps when the dust (and the sale) settles you can write about how you found it ect

  6. pete m


    If you can afford it, take your monthly mortgage payment, divide it by 2, and pay that amount fortnightly off the mortgage. You will end up paying an extra month’s mortgage per year, but it will make an enormous difference in the long run (depending on the mortgage, could save you $50K plus in interest costs).

    We are putting the finishing touches to our modest home reno job in the next few weeks, and it feels fantastic walking aorund seeing how you have improved the place.

    Funnily enough, we had light blue / grey walls too! urgh!!

    No need to say sorry for anything – you have always been polite in your posts and comments.

  7. Good tip re the mortgage repayments, Pete!

    I don’t know why people would ever choose grey for their walls. It really is a very bad colour.

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