Busy, busy

Sorry I haven’t been able to post lately. Start of semester has just swamped me.

And I’m going to a conference on Restitution in Commercial Law in Sydney tomorrow. Hopefully I’ll come home inspired. I’m looking forward to it. Seriously.



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9 responses to “Busy, busy

  1. We’ve missed you LE.

    When I say “we” I mean me and my five personalities.

    I’m sure everyone else has missed you as well.

  2. I’ve missed you guys too! 😦

    Will write more and read more when I get back from Sydney…

  3. pete m

    While it must be nice to have this passion for the law, I must say I dipped out when the law passion bus sideswiped me.

    Only things decent I found in law conferences was catching up with far flung friends, and the hotel food isn’t too bad. If in an exotic, then you score a little holiday to boot.

    enjoy the break!

  4. If I may offer a rather poor subsitute for your usual interesting legal observations, I have written a little about the separation of powers and the ‘Jihad Jack’ Thomas High Court decision, which is coming down tomorrow morning in this post, which may be of some interest to regulars.

  5. LDU

    Have a safe trip Eagle.

  6. marcellous

    Send me a postcard, drop me a line [when you are in Sydney]. I note the conference doesn’t begin until Friday…

  7. Glad to see you’re back, so am I! Have a good time at the Restitution conference 🙂

  8. Sorry Marcellous – didn’t get to check Internet until now…back in Melbourne. Conference was intense, and didn’t have access to a computer. It was probably good for me.

    Probably just as well we didn’t catch up – I have the worst cold ever – I suspect I gave it to half the eminent guests (don’t even want to think about it)…

    Next time I’ll give you a bell (I’m sure it won’t be too far away)…

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