I’m not going to Gippsland any time soon

You know when it rains, all these spiders suddenly appear in the corners of the roof? It seems the same thing happens when there’s a flood, but on a massive scale. I just read an article about many species of spiders leaving Gippsland because of the floods, trying to find dry spots.

Poor people in Gippsland. Isn’t it bad enough that they have had to suffer flooding? Although I suppose the spiders are suffering too. I just hope they don’t come near me.



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4 responses to “I’m not going to Gippsland any time soon

  1. If I lived in Gippsland, this is about the time when I’d be setting insect bombs and vacating the house for an hour or two.

  2. fairlane

    It’s really cool when the spiders “fly.”

    About ten years ago I was in the Smokey Mountains and we witnessed the “Flight of the Spider” firsthand.

    Truly amazing watching hundreds, if not thousands, of spiders glide past on their silk.

    Of course, it was a little creepy when one hit you in the face or landed in your hair, but they were little spiders. It wasn’t like they were Tarantulas, or Funnel Webs.

    Now that would be disturbing.

  3. Just think about how many flies and Mossies you would have to put up with if it were not for the spiders…

  4. That is indeed true, which is why I left Sticky Gordon the huntsman on our bathroom roof there until it died (about 5 months). I’d rather a huntsman in the corner of the roof than to be bitten by mosquitoes when getting out of the shower.

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