From little things big things grow

Patrick from A roll of the dice has asked me to write a post on my experiences of promoting my blog. I can’t guarantee it will be an interesting read, but here goes…

I started to blog when my daughter was a tiny bubba, and I was going a bit stir-crazy at home. We were having legal battles with our ex-landlord, and the girl wasn’t sleeping well. It’s hard when you’re very little and you’ve got to cope with the big wide world. I’m still in shock. Anyway, my husband decided that he wanted to start a blog. However, he is one of the biggest procrastinators in the world. I knew that he’d never get around to it himself, so I set one up for him.

Then I thought of all sorts of things I could write about on a blog. A couple of friends (and my mother) had always said that they thought I’d be a good blogger, but I hadn’t even really known what a blog was until I went to the effort of creating one for the hubby.

So I set up my own blog. At the start, I thought I’d just write about legal issues. I let a few select friends know about the blog, but to be honest, I was a little shy. Me? Shy? You betcha! It helped that my friends told me that they liked what I wrote.
I was reading over the early posts from my blog when I moved over to WordPress. I hadn’t realised how much anger was in there about my old workplace. I think it was a good vent. That’s how I ended up in contact with the Junior Lawyers’ Union. And then, some of my friends set up blogs too (Miss V, -k, RG and Cherryripe) which was really awesome. I love reading their stuff.

I never really intended for this blog to “get political”. But I suppose the law is intrinsically political. It involves making decisions and advising on matters which govern the behaviour of society.

I also love reading the stuff written by others whom I consider to be friends-via-the-blogosphere. I don’t know how they came across my blog, but I’m glad that they did. Sometimes I think it was through comments that I put on other people’s blogs. When people comment here, and I generally follow them back to their blog, and that’s how the network builds up. Anyway, guys, I’m glad that you got here, and I’m glad that I got to know you.

I’m grateful for the support of a couple of bloggers and commenters who promoted my blog and linked to it in the early days (hopefully you know who you are). Special thanks to Club Troppo’s Missing Link, which has featured some of my posts in its bi-weekly blog round-ups.

Speaking of which, I am now on the Club Troppo editorial committee for Missing Link as of next week, so let me know of any interesting posts (either written by you or by others). And check out the Missing Link updates, because it’s how I found a number of the blogs in my blogroll here.



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5 responses to “From little things big things grow

    I wrote the post I link to in march 2006 and what I thought then has very much proven to be the case. When it comes to promoting your blog it never hurts to be rather blatant about it and to wear the whinges from people who are very happy to denounce you for doing, so but when it comes down to it there is no point in hiding one’s light under a bushel.
    PS (follows his own advice here) If you are looking for blog posts to promote at Club Troppo then need I remind you that every one of mine is, of course, brilliant and worthy of a wider audience.

  2. LDU

    Seriously, you do have an A Grade blog. Keep on blogging Eagle, the keyboard is mightier than the sword.

  3. It’s no secret. My blog would like a bigger and wider audience when it grows up. I’m a little nervous about too much self-promotion though, lest I’m revealed to be hiding my bushel under a light. But at the same time, as Steph & Mooiness have advised, I’ll try to make the Lad Litter blog topical, funny, interesting and engage with others, such as your good self, at their blogs. Good luck with the Missing Link editorial committee.

  4. I still recall when you emailed me the link to your blog last year, LE. I read it for quite a while before building up the nerve to comment, just because you wrote so well, on so many issues and so entertainingly. I, for one, am glad your husband is a procrastinator!!

  5. Husband of LE

    Yeah, even I’m scared of commenting on this blog, and LE’s my wife!

    I did keep my blog up, with the occasional (i.e. monthly) post, which went from initial rantings about things that annoyed me in the world to just stupid or amusing things, and opinions on art and music. I don’t think it’s appropriate to even link to here. It was only ever intended to be a fun trial, to vent about stuff and I never dreamed of it going anywhere. But it’s still fun every now and then.

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