10,000+ hits

This site has now had 10,000+ hits. Thanks guys! It took me almost a year to get to 10,000 hits on my old site, but only a month and a half on WordPress.

I won’t be posting much over the next week – I’ve got 80ish exams to mark – wish me lots of luck!



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11 responses to “10,000+ hits

  1. fairlane

    What kind of chicanery is this? 10,000 hits? I’ll be expecting some kind of dividend payout because half of those hits are mine.


    Damn and I thought we were doing well.

  2. Arn’t you glad I talked you into going to WordPress?
    Good stuff LE .

  3. GavinM

    Congratulations LE…Aim for the 100,000 now…

  4. Good going LE! Always a very engaging, thought-provoking read so your numbers aren’t surprising. Why do you think WordPress has delivered such a ratings surge for you?

  5. Thank you all! I have marked 1/3 of the exam papers, so I’m celebrating by blogging. Not ready to go to bed yet.

    Fairlane, give yourself a break – for the first 4 months of blogging, I got about 1000 hits and most of that was me checking to see if anyone had commented. πŸ˜‰ You’re doing darned well.

    Lad Litter, I think the format is clearer. Plus there’s more of a “WordPress Community”, with tag surfing and stuff. In WordPress, you can see your own comments, but you can also see if someone has responded to your comments on other WordPress sites.

  6. fairlane

    Yeah, I like that comment feature. I wish they could arrange it somehow to track all your comments though without having to subscribe to them. I might only comment on a particular blog once, and then forget and never go back.

  7. Cherry Ripe

    Ah, but this is the easy bit – after about 50 you start freaking out because you’re reading the same stuff over and over again… it’s just not natural!

    Have fun…

  8. Cherry, you betcha. It is the same thing over and over – most depressingly, the same mistakes. 😦

    Still, only 17 to go now.

  9. You should definitely post some time about your experiences promoting your blog – it’d be an interesting read.

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