Mr Pearson, the “$54M pants man” (mentioned previously here and here) is unlikely to have his contract as an administrative law judge renewed. Glad to hear it. He doesn’t sound like he’s in a condition to judge other people.

(Via Legal Blog Watch)



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3 responses to “Karma

  1. GavinM

    Hello LE

    Reading the article you linked to, and not really knowing how the process for selecting judges in the USA, it seems very strange to me that a bloke who has been unemployed for 3 years can suddenly land a US $100,000 job as a judge.

    His history of litigation against his ex-wife is also interesting…It seems to me that he has abused the system that he is supposed to uphold. As you say, not someone I’d like to see in a position judging others.

  2. Yes, he seems to have all the makings of a vexatious litigant… Sometimes dogged determination is a drawback.

  3. Hi,
    I did read some of your opinion on this case. I think the case has been (wrongfully) judged by many based on their views of Pearson’s personality rather than the substance of the case, and I wrote a post on my blog last week detailing a different opinion. As you may know, the verdict on this case has come in, and it is as expected. It would have been a stunning surprise had it been different. Is the verdict right? Going by popular opinion, many would say yes. But is popular opinion the same as the letters of the law? Obviously not. It is sad that the case was already determined by popular opinion before judgment was reached and that, at least as I see it, the judge was not immune to that the popular stand.

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