Poetic justice

In one of the versions of Islam which I studied, what you did in life was done back to you one-thousand fold after death. So if you were nice, the afterlife was very nice, but if you were horrible, the afterlife was very horrible. I always hope that suicide bombers end up with that version of the afterlife rather than the 57 virgins or whatever.

Anyway, perhaps the Judge in this case thought that the best way to teach someone was to force them to live the pain which they had inflicted on others. Hope it works.


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One response to “Poetic justice

  1. Obviously, that sort of punishment wouldn’t work, or be applicable, in every case. In that situation though — brilliant! It makes me wish that the owners of my apartment had lived here first and experienced what it is like to live in a property that has been designed for looks rather than functionality.

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