It’s a tigery kind of week

Couldn’t resist putting in another tiger picture, from this story here. My daughter’s favourite animals are doggies, tigers, turtles, ducks and bees. She will like this picture – featuring not only three adorable tiger cubs of different colours, but a dog and her puppy. The tigers’ mother rejected them so the dog, called Huani, is feeding them instead. This is the second time she has fed tiger cubs.

Dog, pup and tiger cubs

Incidentally, when I showed my daughter the diving tigers in the post below, she said “Dur-tle?” (turtle). I can understand the confusion. It’s hard to get it all sorted out when you’re only one and a half.



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9 responses to “It’s a tigery kind of week

  1. MrFlimFlam

    i hope you’re not becoming another “i can has cheezburger”.

    they look so sweet don’t they? and then they grow up and weigh 400 lbs. too bad you can’t keep them small like that. in a few months those cubs will be eating the dog.

    “turtles, ducks, bees oh my!”

  2. Being a doting Mummy I have drawn a picture of doggies, ducks and bees for my baby and laminated it. It features dogs from real life (Mum and Dad’s dog, my sisters’ dogs, my friends’ dogs).

    I couldn’t work out a way to get turtles or tigers in there convincingly, although I don’t think she would have cared about lack of realism.

    I wonder if the cubs would eat the dog, or whether they’d recognise her as “Mummy”? I hope the latter, although nature is pretty wild, so I wouldn’t test it out.

    I met a tiger in Laos who had been raised from a cub by humans after her mother had been killed by poachers. When she was little, she was apparently like a big housecat – she’d occasionally curl up on your lap for a snooze. I was interested to hear that she even purred. Then she got to 400 lbs and they realised that maybe she should be in her own enclosure… The story has a happy ending – they were able to raise enough money for her to have a park all of her own.

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  4. LDU


    haha…how cute.

  5. The funny one is the new word of yesterday:


    It means “butterfly”. The poor possum can’t understand why people burst out laughing when she shows off her new-found word. I have to explain and translate for her.

  6. MrFlimFlam

    Wild animals don’t make good pets. I had an ex whose aunt raised Timber Wolves as part of a program to help re-establish them in the West. They were beautiful, and we were able to pet them while standing on the other side of the fence. Her aunt told us that although they knew her, and saw her as a member of the “pack”, they still have the drive to be the “alpha” and if she ever fell or got injured around them…

    My daughter says, “Blanklet”. I made her promise that even when she’s forty she still has to say “Blanket” or I wouldn’t let her get “Big”.

  7. -k

    Hi, LE!
    I’ve been on a self-imposed computer hiatus since returning from NY to my mountain of work. I’ve enjoyed catching up on your postings and on your little one’s vocal developments.

    My best friend has a daugher a little younger than yours. Her new favourite thing to talk about is the clock. The only problem is that she keeps neglecting to include the ‘l’ when saying it repeatedly and enthusiastically.

  8. It is amazing to see a dog feeding it’s puppy and three tiger cubs. I want to know how you know such interesting things. I hope one day i could save tigers from all around the world!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. It was just chance that I saw this story – no special investigative talent, I’m afraid. I do love tigers too.

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