Diving tigers

Look at this awesome photo of a diving tiger from Pravda. I knew that tigers swam, but I had no idea that they dived underwater as well. Click on this link to see more pictures.

Diving Tiger

I have to say that it would be pretty scary to be a fish in that pool.

Thank you, Patrick, for bringing these pictures to my attention!

(Via Blueberry Fool)



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10 responses to “Diving tigers

  1. Those are beautiful pictures. I can’t imagine how the photographer had the courage to take them. The tiger’s facial expressions are enough to scare me out of the water.

  2. In one of the photos you can see someone’s legs faintly behind the diving tiger. They must standing in the pool just behind the tigers, tossing the meat. I would be too scared to do that!

  3. Blues fan

    Speaking of diving tigers, Legal Eagle, how have the Richmond Aussie Rules football team (beloved by some…) done the last two weeks?

  4. Part of being a fan means sticking by your team through thick and thin.

    LE’s husband has been merciless towards her in respect of her team’s performance. Not to mention her brother in law.

    But at least one of LE’s daughter’s favourite animals is the TIGER. The girl looks at Mummy’s flag and says “Di-gah!”

    Go Tiges. Keep on trying.

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  6. What a great image! Swimming tigers … sounds like the makings of a horror movie, instead of Snakes in the Plane it could be Tigers in the Pool.

  7. I’m getting the idea of “Jaws” music playing as the camera approaches the pool…then out of the water splashes a giant tiger…

    Eek. Hope I don’t have nightmares tonight.

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  9. Rosalind

    i dissagree i would love to be in to water with such beautiful animals

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