Five Blogs That Make Me Think

Thank you to the lovely Miss V for nominating my blog as one which makes her think. I am really flattered and delighted.

I have decided to move to WordPress because so many other bloggers recommend it – including Miss V and Iain, listed below here. I think Ninglun provided the straw which broke the camel’s back with this post!
As for blogs which make me think? Miss V makes me think, but I don’t know if you’re allowed to nominate people who have nominated you? I would nominate her if she hadn’t nominated me.

So, now I have to nominate five blogs that make me think:

1. The Blonde Canadian – the lovely -k writes great posts about all sorts of things – life, friendship, teaching, politics. She’s alerted me to a number of interesting things (bullying in the cyber age, “Purity Balls” in the US, looking at three beautiful things a day, ANZAC day…)

2. Spanblather – Span is such a prodigious blogger. She puts so much energy and thought into her posts. There’s so many posts I don’t know which ones to single out. I do love a thoughtful lefty. She looks at feminism, religion and all kinds of other interesting things.

3. Iain Hall – Iain has been much maligned by some on the left because of flamewars in the past (which he now disavows). Nevertheless, as far as I am concerned, Iain is a good person. He always makes me think, even when I disagree totally with him. He is also willing to enter into a discussion (which is rare on either the right or the left).

4. Halfway between Cu Mau and Sai Gon – OTT doesn’t post often, but I always enjoy her posts when she does. I get the feeling she’s a kindred spirit (lawyer, bookish, interested in life generally). I’m glad she’s started posting again even though she’s moved to the UK.

5. Junior Lawyers’ Union – A blog about the problems with law firms and issues arising therein. It got me thinking a lot in the early days of my blogging career.

There are so many Honourable Mentions, too. I found it so hard to whittle my list down to five blogs. I also like to read A Roll of the Dice, Armagnac’d, Planet Irf, J F Beck, Catallaxy, Club Troppo, Tales from the Reading Room, Personal Reflections and Managing the Professional Services Firm. There are lots of others too, including some of the other big political blogs, which always make me think.

The blogosphere is a vibrant place; so many creative and inspirational thoughts flying around. Thanks for all who’ve shared my blog with me – please continue to visit me at my new and improved premises!

Here are the rules of participation for those of you I’ve tagged:

  • if, and only if, you get tagged, write a post with links to 5 blogs that make you think
  • link to this post so that people can easily find the exact origin of the meme
  • optional: proudly display the ‘Thinking Blogger Award’ logo with a link to the post that you wrote


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19 responses to “Five Blogs That Make Me Think

  1. Turncoat leaving me alone woth blogger. Ninglun has an evil influence. Just to persuasive. And thanks for the nice comment on two JB blogs.

  2. Yay, welcome into the fold! I’ll be able to follow your comments more easily now.

  3. Welcome to WordPress!

  4. Legal Eagle

    Poor Jim, left alone on Blogger. I’m a naughty defector. But I started looking into it this evening, and ended up swapping over…

  5. Wow thanks LE, I am really honoured 🙂

  6. You will not regret becoming a “born again Blogger” 😀

  7. Anthony_

    wow look how chain mail has evolved

  8. Legal Eagle

    I hated chain mail when I was a kid – you got in real trouble for “breaking the chain” and it said you’d have bad luck. As a poor little 8 year old, I lay awake worrying until my Mum ripped up the letter and said, “See, nothing bad happened”. And it didn’t.

    This is a bit nicer than chain mail – it’s telling people that you enjoy reading their blogs – and maybe showing people some blogs which they wouldn’t otherwise read. I don’t usually “do” memes, but this is an exception to the rule!

  9. Yes, and unlike chain mail you only have to participate if you want to, no threats are made against people who choose not to join in (at least I hope not!)

    And I think you have to remember that the online medium is interactive and blogs are conversational – memes are a natural extension of that.

    I wouldn’t want to read a blog that just had memes though …

  10. Anthony_

    Yeah I know, just being a smartarse…however in a way it is. (Putting my IT hat on) Just like chain emails you are encouriging more hits which then translates to more bandwith used.

    Anyhow nice blog 😉

  11. Legal Eagle

    🙂 Glad you like the blog!

    Although some memes are interesting, I think they can be overdone. It’s like that e-mail you get where you’re supposed to tell people about yourself – it’s amusing first time around, but after you’ve received it 20 times, it’s just boring, and you’d prefer someone just wrote you a heartfelt e-mail with one line about what’s going on in their life. Same principle applies to blogging, I think.

    Talking of chain mail, those e-mails with scary stories about how to avoid muggings, or about horrible diseases, or variations thereof really get my goat. They are almost invariably hoaxes – and some poor friend of mine has sent it to everyone in her address book with the best possible intentions, because she’s worried we’ll get mugged or something… They just scare people unnecessarily. If it’s a hoax, I e-mail all recipients back with a link illustrating the hokey nature of the e-mail…thereby stopping the chain from continuing.

  12. LE, just to let you know that I put a story up on the managing the professional services firm blog on depression in part inspired by Junior Lawyers. This followed an earlier tick for them.

    Both posts were inspired by you. Here the post dates will seem a little strange. I am behind in posting and have some reserved posts not yet published. As I catch up, the post date that appears is the date I reserved the post.

    I will do some more posts on the JL material looking at their points and stories from a management perspective.

  13. Hey Jim, you can change the date of your posts. I often do reserve posts (meaning I write ahead then come back and polish something up and publish it a few days, weeks or even months later) and on Blogger you can change the date to whatever you want as long as it isn’t in the future. Not sure how you would do it on WordPress or any other platform, but I’m sure you could.
    Hope that helps!

  14. Anthony_

    Best thing you can do with chain email is just ignore it. 90% of email or thereabouts is spam, we have enough garbage coming through mail servers without more being added. 🙂

  15. Legal Eagle

    I had to give my hotmail account because it got so filled with spam – I really have no desire for Viagra or penis enlargement… Or bootylicious babes.

    I’ve got a “Spam Matters” button on my home e-mail account which sends details of the spam to the Australian government, presumably so they can try to deal with the people who send it. I don’t know how much it helps, but every little bit helps, I suppose.

    The e-mails I ignore totally are those ones about “the Dalai Lama’s blessing” or “You’re a true friend” – where they say “Send it on to 20 or more people and you will have good luck for 10 years”. Grr. What a load of bollocks! I’m glad Mum ripped up that chain letter when I was little; it means I have no compunction about deleting such e-mails unread.

  16. Thanks, Span. I did not know that. Sometimes it does not matter, I may even prefer an older date, other times it does.

    I have a big post on my personal blog on the Australian Water Wars that has taken me along time. I would prefet to change the date here.

    Like both your blogs, by the way, and especially the photo one. Brings memories back.

  17. Thank you, Legal Eagle.

    You made me blush – which is quite a rare occurrence for me!

  18. Hey, never thanked you for the link in this post – cheers.

    Definitely haven’t worked out the whole self-promotion aspect of blogging at all just yet…

  19. Me neither, I’m a babe in the woods… Never been very good at promoting myself, even psuedonymously…

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