Wanting to believe in Giant Dogs…

I’ve got a meeting with my PhD supervisors tomorrow. Can you tell? I’m procrastinating like a crazy woman!

Anyway, I’ve often spoken about the phenomenon of wanting to believe in certain things. I really wanted to believe in this picture of a giant dog, which accompanied an e-mail saying it was the largest dog in the world. But something about the proportions just didn’t seem right to me…

Unfortunately, it is apparently false.



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3 responses to “Wanting to believe in Giant Dogs…

  1. Paul

    This will cheer you up then – there are actually such things as giant rabbits!

  2. Legal Eagle

    That is fantastic! I can’t believe those rabbits. The feet on that first rabbit would squash my parents’ dog. I don’t know what the dog would do if he came across that rabbit, in fact – he’s a Jack Russell, so he’s pretty insane, but even he might be taken aback by a giant rabbit.

  3. TimT

    Thanks a freaking lot, Paul. I’ll sleep much better knowing that somewhere, there may be a gigantic version of Frank, the hallucinogenic bunny from Donnie Darko around…

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