Got them phone shy blues…

I have never been very comfortable with phones. It’s funny, because I’m a most gregarious person. But I tend to get all flustered on the phone. Particularly when I have to ring someone I don’t know and try to explain something to them (eg, change a booking for something). Maybe it’s because I prefer face-to-face contact?

So, I don’t tend to call people often, even when I know them very well. It has to be a conscious effort to pick up the phone. (The exception to this is my parents, whom I call daily).

In recent years, I got over my phone shyness. I think being a practicing solicitor was instrumental in this. I had to deal with all kinds of people over the phone – including some pretty angry and upset individuals.

Anyway, I’ve been out of legal practice for over a year now, and I just noticed that my phone shyness has returned. I had to ring and change a booking, and I’ve put it off for a week now. Ridiculous, I know. But I took a big deep breath and made that call this morning. It didn’t go too badly – the person on the other end understood my request, even though I was a bit garbled. Whew. Maybe I now have the courage to make all those other phone calls which I’ve put off making…



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3 responses to “Got them phone shy blues…

  1. missv

    I’ve found that if I’m nervous about making a phone call I write down the points I need to make beforehand and it really makes a difference. I’ve taught my boyfriend to do this also.

  2. Law Student

    I have a friend who gets apprehensive when it comes to the fone. She keeps her phone off all day and turns it on once every 24 hours to check any text messages or voice mail.

  3. Legal Eagle

    Miss V, I think that is a very sensible suggestion – perhaps that’s why I was more comfortable when I was a solicitor with phone calls – we always had to keep diary notes, and I’d often jot down a few points as reminders before I called.

    Law Student, I’m glad to hear it’s not just me who is shy of phones…

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