Some light relief – The Law Nemesis

My posts have been pretty heavy going lately. So let’s have some light relief. Apparently one of my readers, Jim Belshaw, came across this very funny video via my blog. I’m not quite sure how he managed to get to it from my blog, but it’s a very funny comment on law students and law school.

{Note of explanation: I have figured out that at UQ, Honours in Law is awarded on the basis of GPA (presumably Grade Point Average) – might help explain the background to the first two sketches…} Anyway, enjoy…

P.S. My husband just looked over my shoulder and said “I can’t believe you’ve found nerdy things on YouTube…you’ve nerded it out!”



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5 responses to “Some light relief – The Law Nemesis

  1. Law Student

    “open laptops”…

    lol, that would be 80% of our lecture audience.

  2. Legal Eagle

    Our classes are filled with laptops too.

    The question is – which students are using their laptop to play games/look at funny websites/etc etc…and which ones are coming up with crazy questions?

    I crept up on some students last year who were “shooting” each other during my lecture (some kind of online combat game). They were so engrossed that they didn’t notice me tiptoeing behind them! Then I said “BOYS! What is this game?” and they jumped about 10 metres in the air. Mean, I know, but I couldn’t help it. After all I work darn hard preparing those lectures…

  3. Law Student

    I have to confess, during lectures that are really boring i plug my earphones in my laptop and watch tv episodes ive missed.

    I wonder what the lecturers think when they see me wearing them.

  4. Legal Eagle

    As long as you’re quiet, that’s fine – that’s your choice! The problem with the people playing the shooting game was that they were saying “AAAH!”, “Gotcha!”, “Suffer!”…which could distract other students.

  5. Anonymous

    Even funnier because I know most of the people in that vid – it’s an outtake from one of UQ’s annual Law Revues. BTW Dr Jensen is a young male lecturer widely considered dishy by many of the younger female students. Professor Ratnapala is a tall Sri Lankan with a ‘fro.


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