A story to give you nightmares

I’ve got a reasonably adventurous palate. When I was in Cambodia, I ate a chilli stir-fried beetle. It wasn’t that bad. I think one of my least favourite foods must be raw sea urchin. I was foolish enough to eat it not once, but twice, just in case it was better the second time around. It wasn’t.

Nonetheless, I was rather horrified when I read of the French hikers who survived in the South American jungle for seven weeks on a diet of tarantulas and turtle. Ugh. Don’t think I’ll be trying that one any time soon. Brr!


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One response to “A story to give you nightmares

  1. -k.

    Hang on, an edible venomous spider?!?

    Euch. If I wasn’t vegetarian already, that may have been enough to convert me…

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