Over 10,000 Visits

This site has just clocked up over 10,000 visits since I started keeping stats on 6 July 2006. And it’s about to turn 1 year old (on 21 April 2007).

Thanks for visiting guys!



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8 responses to “Over 10,000 Visits

  1. missv

    Congratulations Legal Eagle!

  2. TimT

    And then there was one more!

    Read your comments at Blair’s just before and didn’t want to reply there, considering some of the other characters. Agreed with your assessment of the Greens. Jeremy is a bit of a dill, though, isn’t he? He reads your comments about the Greens being reactionary with and responds with a reactionary comment… for all his smarts, he still does astonishingly silly things from time to time!

    Keep the faith, Legal Man!

  3. Legal Eagle

    Tee hee, TimT, I thought exactly the same as you – poor old Lefty proved my point, and was oblivious to the fact! What more could I say? Except, perhaps, touche!

    Will have to keep thinking about my theory in greater detail.

  4. Iain Hall

    Congrats on the visits we all want to know that someone is reading our musings.
    Like a lot of things Jeremy has not thought out his method of seeking a new life partner or the consequences of his head kicking style in the way he conducts himself on the net. While I tend to think that he should be entitled to not be ridiculed about his personal life there is a part of me that sees that this is poetic justice and that he is the author of his own fate. But then I have my own axe to grind with him after he published my residential address in one of his blogs.

  5. Legal Eagle

    Hey Iain,

    Must be said that I feel a darn sight less sympathetic for Lefty after reading his response to my comments. He does know how to shoot himself in the foot. I suspect my sympathy would evaporate too if he’d published my residential address!


  6. Iain Hall

    Yes LE He a great one for self inflicted injuries mostly caused by his arrogance I would think.
    Part of me wanted to write a long gloating post about his woes but I have resisted doing so however I could not resist writing a small comment at mine .

  7. Law Student

    Well Done! How do you keep a track of visitors?

  8. Legal Eagle

    I’ve got a little doodah down the bottom of my site, which links to an account with Sitemeter – it counts up how many people visit.

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