Why didn’t I choose my PhD more wisely?

Check out this awesome post at catallaxy on weird and wonderful law courses.

Why didn’t I do a PhD on law of wine? It would necessitate regular tastings, of course. And a trip to the grape growing regions of France, I think.



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5 responses to “Why didn’t I choose my PhD more wisely?

  1. Law Student

    What’s your PhD on?

  2. Legal Eagle

    You really wanna know? Most people fall asleep after I start telling them. It is about equitable remedies. I was trying to explain to my grandma, and had to explain what “Equity” was first…she thought it sounded weird. (Grandma: “How can judges just change the law when they want to?” LE: “Good question – want to come to one of my classes? You’d be a good student.”)

  3. Make Tea Not War

    I did a PhD in Law too- at least I submitted one nearly a year ago- I’m still waiting for the “goshdarn” examiners to get back to me.

    One day I want to teach a course on labour law and popular culture. We’ll watch films and listen to music & perhaps write poetry and a great time will be had by all!

  4. Legal Eagle

    It’s a frustrating process waiting for your PhD to be marked – I remember when my husband handed his in, it took quite a while to come back – a bit of a sense of anti-climax, really. Hope that it comes back soon. I like the sound of your course!

  5. -k.

    It’s not a Law PhD, but I did read of someone writing a PhD on bogans.

    According to The Age online, a New Zealand academic is researching ‘The Everyday Life of Bogans: Identity and Community Among Heavy Metal Fans’.

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