Reality Bites

Someone just sent me this link to the Lawyers Weekly bulletin and told me to take a look at Gadens’ comments with regard to the Sydney Law Careers Fair.

Gadens Lawyers

Who from your firm will be attending?

A representative selection of some of our finest and most earnest young solicitors may attend, subject to their daily billing targets. If the stall is unattended, it’s because we’re all doing something more important.

Will they be making any presentations or giving talks?

Unlikely. They’re quite shy and very focused on their chargeable hours. We will be raffling off an interview every hour as usual, but this should be no cause for amusement or conversation.

What items/information will you have for graduates to take away?

We will be giving away a manila folder containing a sample time sheet, a list of after-hours dinner delivery services in the CBD, a guide to achieving optimum personal billing statistics during your summer clerkship and a bus ticket.

What are the three most important qualities you are looking for in a graduate employee?

A law degree; willingness to work till it hurts, then keep working; and the personality and personal values of a federal cabinet minister.

How many positions will you have available for graduates this year?

We prefer to hire in bulk to account for natural attrition and burnout. This year we are taking 150 graduates in the hope of there being six or seven of them left standing by February 2008. This is more than previously because we’ve been losing them faster than anticipated. Young people today just seem to be soft.

HA HA HA…ha…ha…sob sob sob…! The thing is that it’s way too close to the bone, I just can’t bring myself to laugh that hard about it.



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8 responses to “Reality Bites

  1. Law Student

    Id be so happy to get articles once i graduate.

  2. Legal Eagle

    The fact of the matter is that getting articles is a very big deal for students. That’s one of the reasons why I really can’t laugh about it.

    I must confess that I did not get articles first time around. For me, this was absolutely devastating. I had done all the “right” things – done seasonal clerkships, got good grades, done extracurricular stuff…

    I sincerely hope that you DO get articles. However, there are many other options out there, many of which I was fortunate enough to explore because I didn’t get articles straightaway. I had to take “the path less travelled”, but I believe that I’m a better person and a better lawyer for the experience.

    Also, if I’d gotten articles first time around, I would never have met my husband, and I would never have had my lovely baby daughter. Perhaps sometimes things happen for a reason!

  3. Law Student

    We sandgropers have it really hard.

    There is a ridiculously low number of both vacational and article clerkships going around.

    Thats why since 2002 all school leavers entering law school have to do combined law degrees (law/engineering, law/arts, law/science etc…) in order to broaden there career opportunities.

    Im just doing a straight LLB so it will be harder for me.

    Did you go through the College of Law or a Judges Associateship before getting your articles?

  4. Legal Eagle

    A couple of my friends are originally from Perth, and they also said it’s really hard over there. That’s partly why they both ended up here.

    I did a couple of things before I did my articles – worked in house and worked at the court. It was well worth doing.

  5. Paul

    I saw that on Crikey- I am alarmed that I got about halfway through before I realised it was a joke.

    I wonder how close to the truth re Gadens it is, anyway?

  6. Law Student

    LE – how long ago did you graduate? And are you lecturing whilst in practice?

  7. Legal Eagle

    I graduated a little under 10 years ago… I’m not practicing anymore – I quit being a solicitor after I had my little girl, although I still have a practicing certificate so I can volunteer at a community legal centre.

  8. Legal Eagle

    Paul, a friend tells me that Gadens’ entry last year was all about “Baywatch” – he thinks they treat this event as a bit of a laugh so as to distinguish themselves.

    As another fellow lawyer pointed out, they’ll all get hundreds of thousands of applicants anyway.

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