Australian Politics Test

I found an interesting blog called The Oz Politics Blog. On it, it has an “Australian Politics Test“.

As I suspected, I came out as centrist with a slightly left lean (my results are here). In terms of economic and social policy, I leaned further towards the left, but in terms of traditional values, I leaned further towards the right (I like to think of my leanings in this regard as “old fashioned manners”).

I think this reflects my posts very nicely: supportive of indigenous people, homosexual marriage, feminism, cultural and religious diversity, protecting employees from exploitation, but also keen on family, respecting other people and having some kind of moral basis to society.

All a bit of fun, anyway!



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3 responses to “Australian Politics Test

  1. Law Student

    One of my lecturers was once saying that during law school, students tned to lean to the left. But when they’re lawyers, they shift to the right.

  2. Michael

    Not necessarily. When I was at law school, I leaned to the left and haven’t stopped since.

  3. Legal Eagle

    So far, I think my views have stayed pretty consistent over time, although perhaps I am a little more conservative than I used to be. But I don’t think practicing law has made me change.

    If there has been any shift in my beliefs, I think it’s as a result of becoming a parent…

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