Luis, Armand and Angel

It is fitting that my 100th post is on the subject of bizarre lawyers (I freely confess to being one of that species). However, I don’t think I’m quite as odd as the people mentioned in this article. At least, I hope not.



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5 responses to “Luis, Armand and Angel

  1. iain

    100 a good start to a long blogging career :o)

    I’m aiming for 200 posts at my primary blog before christmas :o)

  2. -k.

    I remember reading about the Filipino judge earlier this year. We need more people like that to make us laugh.

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  4. Amado

    it is so funny how a lawyer betrays his IGNORANCE of any ‘worldliness”,(typical arrogant TRASH lawyer), if you want to laugh…GET a MIRROR!! Lawyers are SCUM of the earth!!hehehe…The world is such a MESS bec. of you LYERS!!You think you’re so SMART!!You’re such an open book…SCUM!!hehehe..

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