When will people learn?

You shouldn’t be abusive to a former customer on principle, but it is even worse to abuse the customer in an e-mail, which can readily be forwarded around the world.



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5 responses to “When will people learn?

  1. -k.

    Oh dear…

    Whilst I probably wouldn’t write to a hire company telling them we didn’t like their products (we found a better price, a friend has offered to do it, we’ve separated – anything to avoid causing discomfort), there’s no excuse for that sort of response. I wonder if Jorgenson’s marriage will last….

  2. Legal Eagle

    That’s what my parents and I were just wondering. Certainly would put a strain on both the Jorgensons’ business and marital relationship.

  3. iain

    Just heard about this story on Auntie. Certainly it is not wise to be ungracious to someone who has given you the runaround. But I have done my time behind shop counters and the like and some members of the public can be right drop kicks. Wasting huge amounts of your time and then taking their business elsewhere.

    Not sure that the hire company is managing this the right way but they have to play the cards as they see fit. But a man sacking his wife from the family business has more than a touch of the Monty Pythons about it.

  4. Legal Eagle

    My sister has some crazy stories from when she worked at Myer over Christmas while she was still a student. Customers can be extraordinarily rude and unreasonable, particularly around the festive season. This time of year seems to bring out the worst in everyone.

    I can certainly understand if Mrs Jorgenson had privately thought, “You’re rude for being so blunt about our product and wasting our time.” But her response was so extreme – and to put it in writing…! You’re right, Iain, there’s definitely a touch of Basil and Sybil there. I think it might be Mrs Jorgenson who has the temperament of Basil…

    I am off to put on the rice before watching TIME TEAM. YAY!

  5. iain

    You made It (to see time team ) good stuff!!

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