Pro-life and Saddam

I just had an interesting thought in the shower. I wonder if the pro-life lobby is campaigning against Saddam Hussein’s death penalty? If it is a sin to end the life of a foetus, how much more sinful is it to end the life of a conscious adult human being (no matter what crimes he may have committed)? It’s an interesting question in moral consistency.



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2 responses to “Pro-life and Saddam

  1. -k.

    It certainly is an interesting question. I found it reprehensible to see how gleefully Dubya and other world leaders greeted news of Saddam’s fate.

    As I said in a post of my own, it makes you wonder why lives are only considered worthy if they’re ‘good’. The Howard government has no qualms about telling a sovereign nation what to do if it involves the life of Australian citizens, yet is choosing to stay out of this. Funny that.

  2. Dudley Sharp

    The logic is that abortion is the killing of innocents and executions are the just sanction for guilty persons.

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