The nice thing about blogging

The nice thing about blogging is meeting new people and getting lots of different opinions on a topic. I was quite excited by the controversy and debate on my climate change post. I like to take a controversial line from time to time. I love throwing around ideas and finding out why people think as they do. I don’t mind if people disagree with me, and I’m happy to change my mind.

So it was lovely to read a piece on Iain’s blog about my blog! As I say, that’s the exciting thing about blogging – meeting new people and getting different perspectives. I’ve really enjoyed reading all the different blogs linked on my site.

And thank you also to the people who read my posts, and especially to those that comment and think about what I write (it’s not just the comments on site: some people comment via e-mail – like some of my former colleagues, some by phone – like my Mum).

P.S. This picture of Shiva (in reference to Iain’s avatar) was taken by me in Vietnam a few years ago

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