A victory for ginger kids everywhere

Well, I warned you that I like freaky facts. I read the following article about an ad which was rude to red-headed freckly men. I felt glad the ad got removed. Why are people so mean to ginger kids?



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19 responses to “A victory for ginger kids everywhere

  1. Anonymous

    because ginger kids have no souls
    ha ha ha ha ha

  2. GoAwayPlease

    1. Rob Roy would have your knackers for that remark ‘anonymous’.

    2. Lucille Ball and Katharine Hepburn had a hard time starting out in Hollywood due the the red hair and freckles, but both of them finished quite well thank you.

    3. The general treatment of Sarah Ferguson seems to support the theory extending to women too. I think even her debutante mother wrote her off as a no-future and boy was she proved wrong by that Big Wedding.

    4. having said that, red haired and freckled actor Damien Lewis gives me the absolute swoonies, even in the Forsyte Sage with very short hair and a mean attitude he’s pretty damn cute.

    5. Mick Hucknall anybody?

  3. Legal Eagle

    I suspect that “anonymous” was my sister, trying to larn me!

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  5. Katie

    I think it is unfair to the people with red hair cause we are all the same and we dont make fun of the people who has brown or blond but if a ginger walks past the always get teased. It is only a colour of hair just like everyones hair!!! so i think their should be a stop to it it is just unfair for the children and adults.

  6. Merlina

    I’m in love with a redhead… and I don’t understand what’s the big deal about being different, just because they have the rarest hair colour doesn’t mean they’re weird or something else… I think that they’re simply unique…

  7. Because they are jelous of us, less than 2% of the worlds population has red hair, so they just make up ridiculous stories about gingers because deep down inside of them, they know that they want a fire crotch. 😀

  8. Katrina

    I think everyone should just stop with making fun of people with red hair. Like the Gingerkids.org website is terrible. I dont know where people come up with this stuff… no souls? That doesn’t even make sense.

  9. anonymous

    i hate gingers

  10. Amber

    Ok so imma ginger and there isn’t n e thing rong wit it. my nick name in skool and out side of skool is Ginger. u shudnt try 2 hide dat ur a ginger, b ur self. Da only reason a non ginger wud teez u is b-cuz dere jelus.

  11. Amber

    _-Katrine da gingerkids.org website does make sense,Gingers dont have souls. Imma ginger and i admit i dont have a soul so wut.Gingers are better than blonds or brunets so let people make fun of them b-cuz it dont matter. If ur realy up set bout it go c a consoler.-_

  12. brahzilla

    ginger boys are hot

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  14. Conner

    I hate being a ginger kid. Everytime when I walk by someone there like whats up G, or yell out, hey ginger u have no soul…whats ur favorite drink, gingerale? Volcano head, jackolantern, carrotop…Yesterday I beat up one of my best friends for calling me that…i hate being a ginger. i want to die my hair

  15. Niamh

    I have ginger hair and i hate it. When walk home after school someone will always shout something out of a car, I hate my hair so, much i was going to die it but didnts in the end as i thought why should I, what really gets on my nerves is when some on says something and they cant really speak as they look totally messed up. I mean really GINGER is old now and tbf my hair isnt ginger its like a red colour not orange i mean yer it stands out but other colours are sort of plain. PEOPLE THAT HATE GINGER REALLY DONT NO WHAT THEY ARE DOING it destroyed my childhood and i think people who say things about ginger people a ugly f**** b*******

  16. erica

    thanks for Sharing =]

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