Flexible working in practice

I have just been reading the July issue of the Law Institute Journal, and saw a small piece entitled “Flexible working in practice” (on pg 23). Of course my eagle eyes honed in on it!

The piece describes flexible work practices for working mothers (always something to be applauded from my point of view). However, a paragraph describing the flexible work choices given to one female partner gave me a bit of a jolt:

“Since her return to work [after having her child] Ms Tsalamandris works four 9am-5pm days, and from 6am-1pm on Wednesday, an arrangement she says “keeps me sane”.”

Maybe I’m out of touch with reality, but it doesn’t seem to me that working normal 9 to 5 hours should be regarded as special or flexible! It should be something which is seen as the norm for all lawyers.

So: what do you think – am I out of touch with reality? Or is it the law firm who is out of touch?


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