I should warn any non-lawyers out there that this blogspot might have a bit of a legal focus, but sorry, I can’t help that, I’m a lawyer (presently on leave). And proud of it? Hmm, not sure about that. Depends which aspect of my former career I’m looking at.

No one likes a lawyer, and sometimes, when dealing with other lawyers (especially some male barristers) I can understand why. I guess used car salesmen are more unpopular, but can’t comment because I’ve never had any dealings with one.

The thing I hate is lawyers who assume that they are better than anyone else because they are a particular sort of lawyer. For example, a plaintiff lawyer who assumes that she is morally superior because she is looking out for the “little guy” (and, incidentally, making a lot of money from the little guy, because otherwise there’s no point). But it’s not just plaintiff lawyers. I picked that as an obvious example, but the same goes for just about every facet of legal work. There will always be lawyers who think that they’re better than others, either because they earn more money than anyone else and do bigger deals, or because of the nature of the work they do (whether criminal defence work, prosecution, plaintiff law, big corporate stuff, employment law, community legal work, or whatever). It’s not how much money you earn, or what kind of law you do which makes you a better person, it’s how you conduct yourself. As far as I am concerned, everyone has a right to be treated with respect. And it is very important not to assume that you are morally right – sometimes the worst wrongs are done when people are sure that they are doing the right thing and don’t stop to think it through. This doesn’t just go for lawyers either.

The other thing is that the whole point of being a lawyer is that there’s at least two sides to every story (otherwise we’d all be out of a job). So it’s no good getting too wedded to one side of the story – you need to know about the other side of the story to be a good lawyer.

I should say that this won’t only be a legally focussed blog (as my dear husband says, that’s frigging boring). I hope to write on other issues which interest me too.


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